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Change starts within You

Rethink what it means to be successful

Cortney McDermott had it all—a rising career at a Fortune 500 company, a loving husband, the Jimmy Choos. To an outsider, she was living the dream. But inside, her mind was racing from meetings to e-mails to childcare, and her thoughts were filled with self-doubt.

Forced to rethink what it means to be successful, Cortney realized that it’s not about achieving goal after goal. It’s about learning to sustain yourself. To live a life of purpose, you must first look within.

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Success Stories

Top100 Thought Leader on Trustworthy Business Behaviour & Advisor to Nelson Mandela & President Obama

Nadine B. Hack

Cortney is deeply committed to creating good in the world. Her enthusiasm is contagious.”

“Brilliantly innovative & extraordinarily creative…

Senior Associate Director, MBA Professional Development at University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business

Sally Bell

“Cortney unleashes her wisdom with deep attention and inquiry. Her work is timely and important for personal, organizational and market transformation. We need more thought leaders like Cortney to help guide a resilience that is rooted in the self-discovery of internal terrain rather than a focus on the external.”

Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer & Qoya Teacher

Élan V. McAllister

“Cortney’s work provides an easy to follow road map to help navigate the question that so many of us are facing today: how to make an impact in the world, create abundance, show up for your family and community - AND maintain a healthy relationship with self and planet. Cortney shows you how to live a Sustain Able life where anything and everything is possible.”

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YOU are the answer you are seeking.

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