Cool. Clear. Confident. YOU

Let’s face it. We don’t always feel cool, clear, and confident. The idea that we could feel that way might even seem a little obtuse when we consider all the confusion and desperation (quiet and loud) all around us.  BUT… what if we’ve got the wrong idea of what it [...]

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Replace anxiety with Play

Series co-created with Justin Sandercoe  This post and guided meditation are designed to recode our minds around what it means to perform.  Normally when we even just think of “performing” our heart rate increases, our senses are heightened, we may get a little dizzy or our palms might start to [...]

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You deserve to be happy

Have you ever noticed what’s going on when you feel “happy”?Take a moment, maybe close your eyes, and remember a time when you felt genuinely happy. For real. Timeout for a sec. When was the last time you were all bubbly (without the bubbly)? My theory is that we feel [...]

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Tu si, sabes quererme…

You know when you start writing and you backtrack a gazillion times… No, that’s not quite right… delete… There has to be a better way to put it… delete… How the blazes am I gonna say that my heart, our hearts are breaking all over the place and that somehow [...]

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It’s gonna be okay

Being here in Italy these past few weeks has been hard. Really, really, really hard. Witnessing this drama unfold real-time all around us, watching shops close and streets empty and people become increasingly fearful has been . . . heartbreaking. But I heard once that hearts break so that they can open. And this [...]

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What we need to remember now

Crazy times. And you definitely don’t need me or anyone else to tell you to wash your hands or to avoid ‘end-of-the-world-anything-goes’ parties (maybe).  What it seems we do all need now is to keep in mind that: Tutto passa (this too shall pass). We’ve made it through many “the [...]

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How to know you’re gonna make it

The truth is I don't know how you’re going to make it. Or how I’m going to make it. Or even what it means to “make it”. When it comes to the tough stuff, there seems to be little "to do” to speed up the process of growth or to [...]

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How I moved to Italy (and did a lot of other things)

((This post first appeared in what Forbes calls a "cult favorite" Create & Cultivate 😊)) When I moved to Italy twenty years ago, I did so for love. I had no savings, no lined-up job, and no connections. Skype did not exist and calls home were really expensive. Plus, I [...]

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Start to Think What You Want

Any time I hear someone say “I think”, I’m tempted to challenge it. Not because I’m wanting a fight (being a total conflict avoider by nature), but simply because most of us don’t know how to think. We don’t even know where thought comes from. And neither of those shortcomings [...]

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