How to nail your next creative project

The other day I asked my daughter to give me an art lesson. She was thrilled to be my teacher. And I learned so much more than how to draw the way she does. The insights here can help you nail your next creative project, inspire others, and sustain high [...]

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Feel better about… Everything

Lately I've been experimenting with how to turn “hard work” into "play" as a way to accelerate growth (my version of *super learning*) and also as a way to feel better about, well… everything. These experiments came from two insights. One from my daughter: “Mom,” she said, “how come adults [...]

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How to write a book on Mondays

Guest post by: Giulia Traverso Disclaimer: this blog post is not about writing a book on a Monday. This blog is about how to get the hard work done… even on Mondays. And it doesn’t have to be a book that you’re working hard on. This plan-that’s-not-a-plan can be adapted [...]

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How to pack if you’re OCD (like me)

Guest post by: Giulia Traverso Okay, so… by now, if you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’m obsessed with stuff like eating well, lowering my plastic consumption, exercising and staying fit. And you might have also guessed that I’m a tad obsessed with TO-DO lists, routines and consistent habits [...]

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The New Year resolution to pick

Guest post by: Giulia Traverso Going to the gym, eating healthy, reading twenty books, losing a few pounds… What New Year resolution did you pick this year? If you haven’t already, maybe even because you believe that New Year resolutions aren’t sustainable in the long run with your busy life, [...]

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How I make time for my side gig

Guest post by: Giulia Traverso, Breaking Thirty When I first started working on Breaking Thirty, I searched for a nice morning routine to adopt so that my blog could fit into my day without leaving me drained. I discovered that there is a routine for every season of the year [...]

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What to do when you feel like an imposter

By: Giulia Traverso Last month I was in Brussels for the final review of the EU-project that has been funding my PhD. I was nervous and felt like I didn’t belong. The review went well and our work got approved. But what fascinated me was the state I tuned into [...]

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Resist me if you can

By Guest Blogger: Giulia Traverso Here I am, sitting at my desk, trying to write something for the seventh time this week. I am supposed to write my first blog post ever. Instead, the only thought that keeps crossing my mind is that I hate writing. And whether the nuance [...]

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Start Loving What You Do

Interview and Commentary with Cortney McDermott, first published in Serenflipity Q. Why should choosing what you do for work be exciting? A. Why shouldn’t it be? “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver You’ve got one shot at this [...]

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