Brain-body Science to Elevate Human Potential with Cortney
Your Next Great Chapter Podcast

Brain-body Science to Elevate Human Potential with Cortney
Your Next Great Chapter Podcast

Awaken who you are


This book is not about getting somewhere, because you’re already there.

It’s not about becoming someone, because you are already that someone.

It’s not about having or doing, because the having and doing will happen through you once you awaken to the truth of who and what you are.

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Rethink success


Featured in
“26 Favorite Books of High Achievers”

McDermott explores:

  • How to transform yourself and your mindset with way less effort

  • Tips for radically shifting your perception of money and wealth

  • How to replace hustling with guided, intrinsic motivation

  • Why the “5 step to change yourself” can be misleading

  • “Toxic positivity” and how to free yourself from it

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Change Starts Within You is the perfect segue to Cortney’s electrifying TEDx Talk. If you want to follow the road to success without detouring through burnout and self-disillusionment, McDermott’s book will be your trail guide!”

Nadine B. Hack
Top 100 Thought Leader on Trustworthy Business Behavior and adviser to Nelson Mandela and President Obama

“It’s self-awareness without being preachy. Cortney offers insightful wisdom for lasting change through simple strategies to remember that your most precious resource is yourself.”

Betsy Blankenbaker
Bestselling author and founding partner of Beautiful Infinity Books

“If you’re looking to unearth your vision, Change Starts Within You is the key to feeling more free and confident so that you are able to sustain yourself.”

Stacy Roen
Traceability Manager, lululemon athletica

Awaken who you are

Initiate your change