Did you know that you can add thirty 12-hour days a year to your life just by waking up an hour earlier every day?

Need your beauty sleep? What about waking up only 30 minutes earlier? That’s still fifteen 12-hour days.

Imagine it… What could you do with 15 or 30 extra DAYS a year?

If you’re ready to go from overwhelmed to inspired, it starts with small shifts like waking up a few minutes earlier. Remember, NEW HABIT = NEW REALITY.

Waking up a bit earlier every day — even if it’s only 5-10 minutes — and dedicating that time to one or more of the success habits we talk about here at CortInc will COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Now, I realize this advice is simple, but not always easy. Some mornings I STILL struggle to wake early enough for all my important, not urgent priorities — like writing or working out. But it’s not about waking up and checking off a to-do list. It’s about actively setting the tone for your day…every day. (Even 5-10 minutes to color can positively alter the flow of your day.)

So…are you ready to consciously set the tone of your day? Reply here and let me know: 1) how much earlier you’ll be waking up tomorrow, and 2) how you’re going to use that extra time. Share your commitment. We need it!

P.S. If 30 minutes sounds over-the-top, try 15… because every day counts.

P.P.S. Know someone else who would benefit from taking their life back with an extra 15-30 days a year? Share this with them and let’s spread the AM magic!