Let’s face it. We don’t always feel cool, clear, and confident. The idea that we could feel that way might even seem a little obtuse when we consider all the confusion and desperation (quiet and loud) all around us. 

BUT… what if we’ve got the wrong idea of what it means to be confident? 

What if finding that cool, clear confidence is as simple as redirecting our attention to the light within and using that light to heal ourselves? And what if that inner healing could initiate an outer healing? 

If we consider that a single cell contains the information of the cosmos, then the potential for one cell–and then a collection of cells–to inform the body is possible, maybe even probable. 

The key lies in our attention, our awareness. 

Where are you directing your attention right now? Take a moment to focus on your right foot. Can you feel it? What do you observe? If you have one, you can feel it. (Astonishingly, some studies show you can feel it even if you don’t have one.) Your foot was there before, you just didn’t really notice it. Now turn your attention to your left arm. Same thing. You’re tuning in. Good.

Now… bring your attention to your heart. Can you invite your breath there? …into your heart and the space all around your heart? 

Try putting the palms of your hands on your rib cage with your fingers lightly joining at your heart center. Breathe into your hands and your fingertips. What do you feel? Please take a moment. Stop reading. Get horizontal if you can. And just feel. 

Welcome back 😌   …I was just looking at some x-ray images of the heart, and the rib cage appeared like angel wings to me. I put my hands on my rib cage and spontaneously said, “These are my angel wings… guarding the light within.” This is one way to redirect attention to the light within, and I’m sure there are many more.

Studies from the HeartMath Institute show that by focusing on our heart like this (HMI provides other modalities to do this) we can alter our brainwave frequencies and ultimately our ability to focus and tap into more uplifting and empowering states of consciousness.

And that’s what confidence is really all about – finding a way to trust this moment and the next moment, and sourcing that trust from within. 

❤️ Below in the comments please tell me about the ways you tap into your light. I’d love to include your thoughts in a future post. ❤️