Hi, I’m

I’ve gone from being a struggling temp secretary to becoming a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and advisor some of the world’s most influential leaders. My work in the field of self-development and business strategy has been featured in Inc., Women’s Health, SUCCESS, The Huffington Post, FOX News Chicago, and many other mainstream business and lifestyle media.

All that to say, I believe in human alchemy. I know the power of exploring and challenging the confines of human potential and am passionate about sharing what’s led me here.

So if you’re ready to disrupt old patterns of behavior, grow a thriving business, and apply the physiology and psychology needed for success, then you’re in the right place.


I do this work because I know what it’s like to have all the symbols of success and still feel unworthy, tired, and aimless. I do it because we live in a world that says, “You’ll be happy when…”  …when you have the exec title, the fancy car, the prestigious award …While the irony is that we already have the success we seek; we just have to learn how to source it. And that’s where my obsession with human potential comes in… 


I’m passionate about training and empowering leaders to see that the change we need now is within us. I call this ‘educating’ because my work follows a non-linear path of “educing” (bringing forth) YOUR genius. I believe that YOU are the answer you are seeking, and that when you begin to align enhanced mind-body states with a compelling vision and strategy, we all benefit. 


From the TEDx stage to keynoting for leading companies and universities, it’s an honor to share my message with audiences I love! My most recent keynote for a Women In Business gala event was profiled as “unforgettable to see the pure joy, laughter, and love radiating around the room during Cortney’s time on stage. Cortney absolutely exceeded every expectation we had for the event and truly taught us to get out of our comfort zones, dig deep and be in the moment.”


Change Starts Within You: Unlock the Confidence to Lead with Intuition is a book that will challenge you to rethink success, redefine sustainability, and expand your potential. The simple, direct advice in the book was acclaimed as “self-help without being preachy” and “‘Eat, Pray, Love’ meets the ‘4-Hour Workweek'” and it was named one of Inc.com’s “26 favorite books for high achievers,” right alongside works by Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. My writing also appears in many mainstream business and entrepreneurial publications, such as HuffPost, Success Magazine, and Create & Cultivate

Giving Back

Activating and elevating the potential of others is at the heart of my business model. So I participate in mentoring programs, pro-bono speaking events and panels, and I also support organizations around the world that are dedicated to educating and providing opportunity to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access, including She’s The First, Girl Up, and Kiva.

On a personal note…

I LOVE meditating and running in the hills; homemade pasta; geeking out on neuroscience and quantum theory; traveling and living globally; studying languages and etymology; singing and playing my guitar in local cafés; composing music; dancing like it’s 1999; into-the-wild adventures with friends; drawing and playing ukulele with my daughter Gaia; lots of self-pampering, especially soaking in a hot bath with a great book … 😊