Minor detail: I don’t actually know Oprah.

But even I got distracted on instagram after writing the original title for this article — “Why Research Says You Should Ditch Your Friends & What You Can Do About It.”

Only it’s true: studies show that we are the sum of those we spend the most time with, and so most of us need to do something about it.

Don’t worry — I’m not suggesting you abandon all your friends for newer, brighter versions.

Here’s what I am proposing: start giving the majority of your time to people who inspire the daylights out of you.

If Napoleon Hill created imaginary masterminds with dead people, I believe it’s acceptable to invite the living to mine. That’s right, forget that I don’t actually know Oprah, today’s technology allows me to spend loads of time with her wisdom. I also ‘hang’ (online and off) with Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Marie Forleo, and many other straight-up inspiring peeps.

Now, I don’t go setting a table and lighting candles for my virtual mastermind group (as Napoleon Hill did). But I do invite their guidance daily. When I read, watch, listen to, and study inspiring work, I feel like I’m reconnecting with an old friend. I trust that when they created that offering, they did so knowing their audience would show up with heart and soul and want to connect. They didn’t haphazardly throw together a video on their iphone in 30 minutes. They processed, they planned, they reflected, and then they created. When we engage with that kind of intentional offering, it’s valuable.

So next time you’re compelled to start over and spring clean your social contacts, open a book or watch a video that touches and motivates you instead. And, who knows? The insight you gain might also rub off on those closest to you.

As the song goes, “make new friends, but keep the old.” You don’t have to throw away any of your friends, just choose who you’ll dedicate most of your time to. And remember, in today’s world, you can spend your time with anyone you want.

So tell me below: Who’s your favorite person to hang with “virtually”? Share their website, video, or article below so we can all continue to learn and grow!