If you’re in a funk, the easiest and fastest way out is through your body.

Thanks to Amy Cuddy at Harvard and other researchers in this field, we now know that jazzing up your body for even just two minutes actually configures your brain to be assertive, confident, and comfortable, instead of really stress reactive.

Give it a shot right now:
1. Shake: Stand up and shake your body out. Every inch.
2. Stretch: Take a full-body stretch. Breathe into it.
3. Power pose: Standing, spread your legs about 20 inches apart. Then, with your arms by your side, go ahead and turn your thumbs out — this’ll lift your chest and bring your shoulders back and down. Let your other fingers and toes spread as wide as is comfortable. Relax your head over your body, or let it fall back, open… just like a star.

If you played along with me, you’re feeling loads more body-mind energy than just 2 minutes ago, and you’re in a much better place to tackle that hairy task you’ve been putting off.

Now imagine if you were to apply this body jazzing always — sitting at your computer, walking to your next meeting, playing with your friends. What kind of biz-life change would that mean?

Joseph McClendon III calls this “asstitude”. This guy is in his 60s, but you’d be hard pressed to give him a day over 40. Another friend of mine uses the 4 S’s as a reminder of how to access that enhanced body-mind state whenever we want: Sleep, Sweat, Sex, and Smile. And I’d add a 5th “S” to the list: Sing!

In the comments below, let me know which “S” you’re gonna use today to instantly improve how you’re feeling!