Turns out my niece Jamison and I both ended up in New York City a few months ago. We live continents apart and didn’t plan our trips together, so this truly was a remarkable coincidence.*

After two magical days exploring hip flea markets, groovy swing parties, and experimental theater with my street savvy New Yorker client-­friend, Jamison and I felt like locals.

But the most stunning experience came when my client invited us up to her roof, where we were surrounded by magnificent views of the city. Because that’s when my bewildered niece explained that she’d been wanting to shoot a film of a young female painter in NY who seeks refuge from her disappointing day­-life on her rooftop, where she can explore her art away from the pressures of society.

My niece had no idea where/when/how this would unfold, but she did have a clear, purposeful desire.

She was also prepared. On a last-­minute impulse, she’d brought along a professional camera. And it “so happened” that my client, a multi-­talented artist and brilliant photo/videographer, was able to capture precisely the footage my niece needed for her project!

Sound too good to be true? Here’s EXACTLY how she manifested her desire so effortlessly and how you can too:

1: Set a clear intent and then step back. When we express a definite purpose and then LET
GO, the Universe rushes in to provide the most perfect outcome.

2: Be ready. Our preparedness helps. The Universe will provide the vista… but if we don’t have
the right lens to capture it, we’re outta luck.

3: Celebrate synchronicity. What if we could embrace every moment with a right­-time­-right-place-­right-everything perspective? When we recognize and honor who and where we are in the present moment, we invite ever greater growth opportunities into our lives.

When’s the last time you had one of those “just right” experiences? This week I challenge you to EMBRACE these moments. Reply and let us know how you’re honoring where you are right NOW.

*A coincidence, in mathematical terms, is when two angles coincide (i.e., fit together) perfectly.