When my daughter used to take naps, she’d always list the things she would do “tomorrow” (i.e., in the afternoon).

“Domani I’m going to read Duck for President and take Jackie Brown [her doll] for a walk and make tea and cookies with candy hearts….”

Naps are like that: They turn one day into two.

Siesta is obligatory in my house, in my town, in Italia. Maybe it’s just 20 minutes and you don’t even sleep, but that ‘time-out’ gives you a whole fresh start.

It’s now clear to me that “Go! Go! Go!” just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. We are NOT more productive when we spend 10 hours a day in front of our computers with recurrent caffeine injections.

Still, sometimes I let my old-school mentality get the better of me: “You can’t possibly take a nap today! There’s way too much to do!” But on those days I find I accomplish much less, feel more stressed and less fulfilled.

Now, I realize that taking a nap in the middle of the day is quite a luxury, especially for corporate employees, even if in some cases it is possible. Luckily, MEDITATION works the same magic and is something anyone can integrate into office break time. Book ten minutes of private conference room time for this purpose, or set your phone alarm as a reminder to go outside for a breathing break every 30-50 minutes.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Not at my company!” or “Yes, if you want to be regarded as the office oddball!” But take a look at what ESPN has to say about it.

If the winning team of the Super Bowl can find the time and the courage for meditation before heading out to the field, so can each and every one of us. We must, in fact, if we want to win the game.

Now go take a nap.