“I have never left a conversation with Cortney feeling like the same person I was going in. She has an otherworldly ability to inspire you to identify the power that lies within and is always ready with an anecdotal story to help illustrate how you can create the change you want to see in your life. I had the opportunity to hear her speak at a conference in 2015 and it was clear by the end of her speech that I was listening to a woman who is committed to her personal mission and is fearless in that pursuit. What struck me most, and what continues to “wow” me is that she fully embodies her teachings and is completely genuine in her effort to leave her part of the world a better place.”

Isata Yansaneh

Strategy Director at 23 Stories & Condé Nast; Marketing Manager, Time Inc. (previous)

“I recently saw Cortney speak on Richard Branson’s private island, Necker, and instantly recognized a woman who naturally inspires others. All you have to do is look into Cortney’s eyes and you know she’s figured something out. Her gift is helping the rest of us figure it out too.”

Ndaba Mandela

Founder of Africa Rising and author of Going to the Mountain: Life Lessons from My Grandfather, Nelson Mandela

“Working with Cortney has been amazing. She helped me disrupt patterns of behaviour that were not helpful and gave me valuable insight into things I actually wanted, which were not always what I expected. I started thinking much more about what I needed to be happy and it led to me rekindling passions and intellectual stimulation that I had neglected for too long. Some of the processes were remarkably simple but super insightful. Thanks Cort!”


CEO and Owner at Justin Guitar

“Cortney has a way of distilling down complex ideas to their core concepts, expressing her thoughts with clarity and focus. Whether in a one-on-one conversation, in a small group or when talking to a larger audience, Cortney is fully present and great at finding ways to frame ideas in positive light, captivating and motivating her audience about otherwise gloomy subjects. Awesome communicator!”

Albert Safstrom

Head of Conversation, 3Kronor Communications

“Cortney is able to “translate” ideas, methods, and concepts better than anyone I know. While retaining the essence she is able to make the same ideas, concepts etc. relevant and make sense across the board, to various users, ages, and industries. Her capacity, commitment to mastery and breadth and depth of knowledge is immeasurable. And yet she still maintains a beginners mind and always shows up with genuine, heartfelt presence.”

Lauren Zahringer

Founder & Owner, The Radically Good

“Cortney has tremendous energy and possesses an incredible ability to get people to engage and understand the very complex. She is an excellent public speaker and has great language skills. She is well organized and carries with her an aura of optimism that’s hard to beat. During her six years with us, Cortney proved herself an invaluable player within Vanity Fair Corporation.”

Patrik Frisk

President, VF Outdoor & Action Sports, including Timberland USA, The North Face, Vans, and Reef EMEA (previous) CEO Aldo Group (present)

“Cortney looks you straight in the eyes while listening patiently and actively. She figures out exactly what you need to hear and brings it on clearly and gently. Despite her great wealth of experience and knowledge, she is humble and kind and always finds a way to make you shine.”

Sonja Ongaro

Psychologist & Body-Mind Coach, Dr. Ongaro

“Cortney is the best communicator I have ever met: she always has fantastic ideas and the most suitable approach to complex situations. What I find even more important, is that she always had the right words to empower me, giving valuable advice on how to tackle problems in life and business. After chatting with her, you always have more energy and great ideas to push your work forward.”

David Ramos Álvarez

Sustainability Coordinator, Desigual (previous) Regional Manager, Corporate Sustainability, HSBC (present)

“Cortney unleashes her wisdom with deep attention and inquiry. Her work is timely and important for personal, organizational and market transformation. We need more thought leaders like Cortney to help guide a resilience that is rooted in the self-discovery of internal terrain rather than a focus on the external.”

Sally Bell

Senior Associate Director, MBA Professional Development, University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business

“Cortney is an amazing woman. She has outstanding communication skills and can easily bridge the gap between the technical and the practical (functional), which makes her an excellent facilitator and coach. She knows how to have fun while making sure her message is understood loud and clear. You get her in a conference room and she’ll sure get everybody’s attention. The quality of her work consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Cortney and any resource she endorses.”

Joe Bichai

Vice President Manufacturing, Genfoot Inc.

The times with Cort, the sessions with her, have made the difference in my life. Any time I’m out of my flow or off center, I think about Cort sitting there bringing me back to my creative power. The work Cort does is absolutely amazing and important to the world! She is such a blessing for every soul that she touches, for every soul that is gifted with her words and her wisdom.

Tatiana Arias

Owner at Tatiana Arias, Co-Founder of Duke Arias Group

“Cortney has the skill of forming and advising a working team & then empowering that team, the latter being the special ability. She is very approachable, notwithstanding all that she has achieved. And the quality of her thought and vision is impeccable.”

Charles Ross

Lecturer, Falmouth University

“Cortney brings focused presence to all her work and relationships. Whether with family, client, or project, her unrelenting attention gives birth to brilliant ideas and the energy to implement them. She walks the talk of laser-sharp focus as a strategy for making serious positive change in people and organizations. All who are priviledged to work with Cortney will walk away as a better person and a stronger organization!”

Suzanne Pinckney Pflaum

Community Centered Designer, Context Partners

“I learned more in this 4 week session than I normally would in an entire semester. Outside of the content, Cortney created an excellent classroom atmosphere that helped students build other professional skills.”

David Herrick

Student, University of Iowa

“Cortney is brilliant. She has the talent for ‘simplicating’ the complicated. Professional, enthusiastic and involved, she is a key resource for companies to implement any business strategy.”

Carine Bedoya

Sustainability Manager, Quiksilver (previous) Managing Partner, Sugarcane Agency (present)

“I’ve had the good fortune to hear Cortney speak on two occasions. She has a magnetic presence on stage and leaves her audience charged with positive energy. She empowers them to seek their true north and inner peace. Cortney is also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She takes the time to engage with anyone who comes to her with feedback or questions, and she does so with remarkable grace, confidence, and charm. She is a pure leader.”

Pete Lankarge

Healthcare Specialist, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.

“Switched on, knowledgeable, well organised and capable of managing such a complex group on top of her day job! Cortney will be a huge asset to whatever organisation she’s part of and damn it, she’s even got a sense of humour!! Highly recommended.”

Mark Held

Secretary General, European Outdoor Group


“Working with Cortney is the wisest investment I have ever made. My whole life feels transformed. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Cortney, take it with both hands and kiss it on the lips. She is a gift from the heavens and what she offers you in 60 minutes is enough to last you 60 years.”


Director, Wellbeing Made Simple LTD

“Cortney is one of those rare people who truly enables transformational change in individuals and organizations. Her approach weaves together the perfect blend of thorough research, proven techniques, and personal experience. Her intuition and relatability far exceed that of any executive coach, therapist, or yogi I have met to date!”

Nicole Lenzen

Senior Product Manager, BCG Digital Ventures

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