You’ve already seen how to quickly learn anything you want. But there’s an even faster way.

This other way still requires concentrated focus, only for an even shorter period of time. It’s what I call a PASSION EXCURSION.

The passion excursion is essentially a day, weekend, or week-long skill mastery deep-dive or intensive training session.

And there are two vital keys to an effective passion excursion:

1. Learn from the absolute best trainer in that field. This will radically shorten the learning curve and save you loads of time in needless goof-ups later down the road.

2. Follow up. After the day/weekend/week-long deep-dive, you’ll need to incorporate periodic “burst” trainings to solidify and enhance your new skill.

Now here’s the cool thing: You don’t have to spend mega bucks or travel anywhere for these intensives. If you have a computer and an internet connection (and a supportive family!), you never have to leave your PJs.

Here’s an example from my own life:
Two months ago I had a little “passion excursion” with the a-mazing Roger Love. Roger is the world’s best (key #1) vocal coach. His lessons are simple, fun, and super engaging (bonus keys). And you don’t need to go to his Hollywood studio (which is awesome, by the way); you can access his genius directly online.

Singing and speaking are major passions of mine. And Roger’s always saying that the mechanics are the same, so I decided to use his singing training to prep for my latest speaking gig. In two days (over a weekend) I completed his entire 10-week online singing academy.

The results were astounding. After those two days, my voice was transformed, and I felt way more confident speaking and singing in front of crowds.

And, of course, the show must go on (key #2): I practice Roger’s vocal exercises every day. He has a 10-minute warm-up I can fit in no matter what, plus loads of other lessons–“burst” trainings to reinforce the skill–for those days when I have more time.

How about you? What “passion excursion” would you like to take? Or do you know of any deep-dives we could all benefit from? Share your practice. We need it!