Can you do me a favor? Take a look at your calendar and tell me what you see. Do the entries read something like: pick up Sally from the airport; meet with Ron; take clothes to the drycleaner?

Now tell me: have you set aside time for what’s important to YOU? Have you actually scheduled it?

You know I’m always on about focusing your energy and attention for the results you want. To do that you gotta first decide what YOUR important priorities are, and then schedule them! I’m talking about the “important, not urgent stuff” — calling your mom, going for that run, writing a sincere “thank you” note to a friend who helped you out when you were in a rough spot.

The key is to START your morning this way.

Because, think about it, how do most of us start our day? Checking our cell (email, social, texts) — what Brendon Burchard calls “a nice organizing mechanism for other people’s priorities.” Is that how you’re starting your day? …with other folks’ priorities?

Apply just this one tip and you will likely double your current wealth and happiness: START YOUR DAY WITH YOUR “IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT” PRIORITIES. Schedule them, as you would anything else. I personally block out most of my morning for “important, not urgent” stuff and rarely make it to email until around 11am (and often later!).

So, TELL ME: What’s one of your important, not urgent priorities (that thing you’ve been meaning to do, that thing you love)? Is it running, dancing, reading a book, planning for your business? Decide and then create at least one calendar entry right now …’cuz as my gal Marie Forleo says, “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” Reply here and let us know what you scheduled!