The Italians have a saying for when we have too many options. They call it “l’imbarazzo della scelta” (the embarrassment of choice).

If you’ve been to a grocery store lately, you know what I’m talking about.

A hundred different laundry detergents… when all you’re really looking for is water and soap, right?

And, while a new scent or great sale may catch your eye once in awhile, my guess is you invariably reach for your laundry detergent, without considering the other 99. Because when we’re overloaded with choice, it becomes super difficult to choose. Our brains go into default mode (what we’ve always done) OR, even worse, crisis mode (a sort of paralyzing overwhelm).

Now, apply this conundrum to the more difficult decisions in your life — how best to grow your business, where to send your child to school, leggings or jeggings?? So many–TOO MANY–options.

Eek! What to choose? What if you make the wrong choice? Or what if you’re not able to choose at all?

Before default or paralysis set in, try SIMPLICATING (the opposite of complicating). Simplicating means deciding what not to do first — cutting away the unnecessary and then focusing on the issues, activities, and actions that are essential to your wellbeing.

It’s amazing what emerges when you start with carefully cutting away, rather than adding.

For example, could you eliminate or cut back on the news? Or limit your social media to specific times? Maybe you could start with putting your phone on silent mode while you work and responding later to text messages? Or maybe you just need to get up and move?

So, tell me: What are you going to “simplicate” in your life or biz? Leave a comment. Share your story. We need it!

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