We’ve all heard “what you resist persists” … but we’re never told that “fixing” is a form of resisting.

So we go around hell-bent on “fixing” ourselves. That’s what goals are typically all about, right?

…Mending all that’s “wrong” (or not so great) in our lives?

I say: ENOUGH. There’s nothing wrong with you, with me, or with anyone else. There’s simply a LACK OF AWARENESS.

When we say something or someone is wrong or bad, really what we’re experiencing is a lack of awareness (mirrored back to us).

The two fundamental ways we limit our awareness are:
1. failing to recognize the PRESENT MOMENT
2. failing to recognize our TRUE SELF

When we lack PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS, it is because we are allowing the untrained mind to transport us into the past or future, neither of which is real, because neither is now.

When we lack AWARENESS OF THE SELF, it is because we are trapped in limitations of our own making. We’re convincing ourselves we SHOULD, we CAN’T, we AREN’T… [insert preferred self-deprecating theme here]. Yikes…

Luckily the antidote to both of these blocks is found in MINDFUL BREATHING.

Let’s do a simple exercise together:
Part I:
Observe how you’re breathing right now. Is your breath deep or shallow? Are you pulling from your belly or your chest? Are you breathing continuously through your nose, or are there breaks and are you drawing (or gasping) air in through your mouth?

We can always come back to the PRESENT MOMENT and our TRUE SELF via the breath.
Part II:
Try it. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Then, sit, stand or lay comfortably, with your spine straight, and just breathe, continuously in and out of your nose. Keep your attention on the breath and keep breathing steadily. It’s that simple.

The world’s great spiritual traditions all advocate this technology, yet scant few of us are using the breath (our life force*) properly. Me included.

When I catch myself breathing erratically or holding my breath, I now simply take a TIMEOUT and simply tune into my breathing. And then I slowly, consciously allow my breath to bring me back into the NOW.

I realize you may have heard this idea a gazillion times, but that’s because it works! Give it a shot and let me know: Do you have any simple tools for bringing your attention back to the HERE and NOW? Share your practice. We need it.

*Erm, Sorry. I just finished watching Star Wars, so the Force had to come in here somewhere.