Have you ever noticed that when your space is cluttered and unorganized, you also feel overwhelmed and scattered?

My niece Jamison was struggling with this messy-space-messy-mind feeling the other day. Her room was buried under piles of clothes, shoes, dust, and more clothes…

…not to mention loads of random “girl stuff” she never even uses. Sound familiar?

Jamison had a gazillion other more important to-get-dones, but the mess in her room was depleting her energy and her FOCUS.

And, I don’t know about you, but I’m the same way. No doubt about it, there is a visceral connection between our external space and our internal one. And, while we’ll never solve the chicken-egg mystery, cleaning up the outside is a SHORTCUT to gaining peace and clarity on the inside.

So…here was my advice to Jamison:
Eat the frog (bit of Mark Twain wisdom): Do the thing you least want to do. Clean your room. Today. I gave her an organizing system via Skype and sent her straight upstairs. She was royally miffed. But she did it. And the next day she texted me: “Cleaned my entire room yesterday because of you! It feels so nice, and I’m hyper focused now. 🙂 Thanks for the help!”

Clearing the clutter and reclaiming your space is about making choices. Really important ones like: What’s no longer serving you? What does or doesn’t make you feel your BEST? When deciding what to get rid of (give, sell, upcycle), ask: does this bring me joy? Or, will I wish I still had this in 5 years? Don’t feel obligated to keep things that no longer match your style (the heels you haven’t worn in 5 years), or things that don’t make you feel like a rock star (the jeans that are two sizes too big). Remember, your room is more than a collection of belongings. It’s a playground for the soul.

So… once you’ve cleaned up and decluttered your space, you can take it a step further and make some changes that reflect how you want to FEEL on the inside.

If you want to feel stimulated, you can add pictures or quotes that inspire and ignite action. Maybe it’s calm you’re after? Can you change the colors, add candles or incense? Needing more energy? Create a dance corner for busting that move.

Now, tell me: What frog are you going to eat? Is it a space you need to declutter OR is it something else that no longer serves you (a regret you’ve been holding, someone you need to forgive)? Also: What one step can you take TODAY to start reclaiming that space? Leave a comment. Share your story. We need it!

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