The way to know you’re doing it “right” is that it feels good.* Simple. Yet how many times do we keep trudging through a project, a situation, a relationship because we think we “should”?

My invitation to you: Cut your should list in half. At least. And then cut it some more. Or, as Anthony Robbins puts it, “stop shoulding all over yourself.”

Instead, ask yourself: What makes me FEEL good? How can I have/be/do more of that? Create a “want to feel” list. Then decide how you’re going to go about feeling it.

Here’s a sample list from a client of mine:
Wants to feel: peace, flow, presence, joy
Some of the ways she knows she can reach those states: rollerskating, mindful breathing, smiling, getting outside, connecting with friend at the office, and giving thanks.

Now it’s time for you to FEEL GOOD. The steps:
1) Write your answers to this question: What do I want to feel?
2) Write your answers to this question: How can I connect with those feelings?
3) Take action: Choose 1-3 “ways” (answers to the second question) to do/be/enjoy THIS week. Schedule these “feel good” moments in your calendar.

And if you have a cool *feel good* practice to share, please tell us about it in the comments below!

*I first heard this in a Rochelle Schieck dance video. Talk about *feel good* stuff… Enjoy!