If I offered you $2.5 million dollars today OR a penny that would double in value every day for one month ($0.02 on day 2, $0.04 on day 3, etc.), which would you choose?

Most people answer one of two ways:

1) “Give me the $2.5 million, baby!” or 2) “I’ll take the penny, thank you very much.” The answer, as usual, lies somewhere in between.

Unless the month is February, you’d be better off with the PENNY.* At day 29 you’d have cleared the $2.5m mark; by day 30 you’d have more than 5 million; and if it’s January, March, May, July or August, hello 10+ million!

This is the *miracle* of COMPOUND INTEREST.

Einstein deemed it so powerful he called it “the eighth wonder of the world.” Because it doesn’t just apply to numbers.

The law of compound interest applies to EVERY area of your life. It’s why meditating 3-5 minutes a day is far more effective than a 1-hr meditation once a month. Or why writing out 3 “THANK YOUs” every night is way more powerful than creating a 1-page gratitude list at the end of the year. The results may be hard to see at first (just like 2 cents, 4 cents, 8 cents), but stick with it and you’ll be absolutely blown away by your progress.

Ultimately, what we’re talking about here are GROWTH HABITS that, when applied consistently, lead to massive results in your business and life. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, your “growth habits” can help guide you back to living your purpose.

So, tell me: What one growth habit are you committed to compounding through daily use? Meditation? Morning pages? Gratitude journaling? Leave a comment. Share your practice. We need it.

*Unless you’re an investment genius like Sir John Templeton and are able to start securing amazing returns right away with that $2.5m. 😉